Hospitals will have to explore how to obtain decision support data. Some hospitals retain these records at the organizational level while other hospitals retain them at regional or provincial levels. Talk to your MOVE Coach about how to obtain the following data for each patient audited during the MOVE project. Decision support will provide the following outcomes below from each patient audited during the pre-intervention and post intervention audits period:

 OutcomeDefintionData Source
PrimaryFrequency of mobilization of patient% of unit census documented "not in bed" during auditDirect observation
SecondaryLength of stayDays Decision Support
Discharge destination% patients discharged to location other than LTCDecision Support
Falls# of incident reports filedDecision Support
Injurious falls# reportedDecision Support
Perceptions and satisfaction (patients/families, implementation team and staff)Quantitative/Qualitative dataPost-Intervention Interviews/Exit Surveys
OtherAgeDecision Support
GenderDecision Support