We will use mixed methods to evaluate the impact of this intervention, including:

  • An interrupted time series (ITS) design will be used to evaluate the impact on quantitative outcomes.
    • There will be 10 weeks of pre-intervention assessment.
    • The intervention will be rolled out for 8 weeks and then outcomes data will be collected in the subsequent 20 weeks.
  • The primary outcome is the proportion of patients aged 65 and older who are mobilized daily during their hospital stay.
  • The quantitative data on eligible patients will be collected by observation of the patient’s activity level, and by requesting data from the hospital’s decision support.
  • Qualitative data will be collected through completion of pre-intervention interviews with the local MOVE Implementation Team.
  • Exit Surveys will be conducted with health care professionals, patients and their family members at the study conclusion. Exit Surveys will ask participants to rate their perceptions of the intervention and provide suggestions for facilitating sustainability.
EvaluationTime FrameData SourceAssigned toOutcomes
Readiness Assessment 2-3 weeks prior to pre-interventionStaff on unit, education is being implemented Education and Research Coordinators Readiness Assessment
Knowledge Survey (Pre and Post)2-3 weeks prior to pre- intervention and 2-3 weeks after post-interventionMOVE Implementation Team Central MOVEs TeamKnowledge Translation & Implementation
Sustainability Survey (Pre and Post)1st week during pre-intervention and 1 week after post-interventionMOVE Implementation TeamCentral MOVEs TeamSustainability
Step Tool4-6 weeks before implementation of educationStaff on unit education is being implemented Education and Research CoordinatorsBarrier & tailored intervention strategies
AuditsPre-Intervention: 10 weeks of data collection prior to implementation of education

Intervention: 8 weeks of intervention beginning as soon education is implemented

Post-Intervention: 20 weeks of post-intervention data collection
Direct observation of patients 65 years and older admitted in the hospital with at least 1 co-morbid conditionResearch Coordinator% documented not in bed
Exit SurveysConducted throughout post-intervention phasePatients/ families, unit staffResearch Coordinator Perceptions of intervention and suggestions for improvement and sustainability
Decision Support DataCan be conducted in bulk at the end of the post-intervention phaseDecision SupportResearch CoordinatorLOS, Gender,
Destination, Falls,
Injurious Falls
Post-Intervention InterviewsConducted during post-intervention phaseMOVE Implementation TeamCentral MOVE TeamPerceptions of intervention and suggestions for improvement and sustainability