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Before you begin your intervention it is important to conduct a Readiness Assessment and use the STEP Tool to find which intervention your site should use. Also, make sure to plan your intervention on the Intervention Planning Template and log all intervention activities on the Process Evaluation Log.

Intervention activities include:

Readiness Assessment

All sites implementing the MOVE project will be conducting a readiness assessment using an organizational readiness for change measure. Assessing readiness for change, or the extent to which organizational members are psychologically and behaviourally prepared to implement change, is an important step in planning for implementation. Results will be helpful for clinical managers, educators, coaches, and unit staff alike to determine how to move forward most effectively and efficiently with implementation of the MOVE intervention. For more guidance on how to conduct the readiness assessment phase and how to interpret the results of the readiness for change assessment, please contact your MOVE Coach.

Please click: to access the Ready, Set, Change Tool.


The Mobilty Ax tool supports hospital staff in selecting a valid and reliable mobility assessment measure. When using the tool, hospital staff select what type of mobility needs to be measured for patients on their unit (e.g., walking, standing, upper/lower body strength, etc.). Mobility Ax suggests the most appropriate mobility assessment measure that is suited to the needs of the user. Overall, engaging in mobility assessment can help units participating in the MOVE project to create concrete and sustainable target indicators for mobility.

To access this tool, please click the following link: