Planning for sustainability is key to ensuring that improvements made can be maintained over time. The earlier that sustainability planning occurs, the more likely it is that improvements will be sustained. To facilitate sustainability planning, local MOVE Implementation Teams will be required to complete a sustainability survey pre-and post-intervention. The survey will be sent to you by your MOVE Coach.

This section will elaborate on how to sustain change and embed mobility in core unit processes.  Research has found that initiatives that consider mobilization from the beginning are more likely to actually sustain behavior change after the intervention.  Therefore, it is important to consider how to sustain mobilization efforts before you even start the intervention. Also, it is important to consider maintaining sustainability strategies after the intervention and incorporating these practices in everyday processes.

Fun Fact

A subset of participating MOVE hospitals subsequently rolled out MOVE at the corporate level (note that the corporate roll out was not part of the original MOVE project).

Previous MOVE sites have developed several strategies to ensure sustainability:

  • Maintaining a mobilization MOVE Implementation Team even after the initiative has ended and inviting different professionals from the unit to take part
  • Identifying mobility leaders on unit
  • Encouraging ongoing updates and discussions about mobility and how the initiative is progressing at unit meetings and bullet rounds, etc.
  • Embedding mobility as one of the quality measures to track in Releasing Time to Care strategy and other hospital strategies
  • Engaging the patient care manager and unit leaders on a frequent basis
  • Conducting various audits such as looking at charts or a selection of unit processes that would encourage mobility