The objective of MOVE is to implement and evaluate the impact of an evidence-based strategy to promote early mobilization and prevent functional decline in older patients admitted to hospitals. Through the expansion of the original MOVE iT/ON project, we are implementing an inter-professional, education-based intervention across various hospitals that focuses on early and consistent mobilization of older patients admitted to the hospital. This strategy shifts mobilization from being a designated task assigned to a single professional group to a shared team responsibility, with team members having complementary roles.

Your hospital has been selected to implement MOVE. Staff and patient/family members at your site will be engaging in education activities that promote early and consistent mobilization.

This portal includes all the necessary forms, tools, and documents you will need to implement your intervention.

  • Access resources such as educational materials and presentations, electronic copies of forms and tools.
  • Send any resources or materials you would like to have uploaded onto the Portal to your MOVE Coach.

For a summarized overview about MOVE and available resources please click our Resource Manual for more information