Tools to help you evaluate the process, outcome, and impact of your implementation efforts

Collect information on how well each change strategy was implemented

Our process evaluation log provides some suggested metrics that will measure the quality of your implementation efforts such as, dose, reach, participant responsiveness, and adaptations. Collecting data on the process of implementation can be valuable for the following two reasons:

  1. During implementation, the process data will give you ideas for how to continuously improve the delivery of your strategies. See our sample process evaluation log for examples.
  2. Before you draw conclusions about the overall effects of the MOVE program it is important to consider how the implementation of your change strategies may have influenced outcomes. A process evaluation may provide necessary context for why did or did not achieve the success you were hoping for.

Measure mobilization rates before and after the MOVE program was implemented

The purpose of the MOVE program is to encourage health providers to mobilize patients at least three times a day during their hospital stay. One way to measure whether this is happening is through the use of observer auditing. Our suggestion would be for the evaluation lead to complete audits; however, you can use whatever human resources are available to you.

We recommend that auditing be conducted three times a day, twice a week, on weekdays on either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday. Audits preferably should not be collected on Monday and Friday, as these are considered atypical days in terms of admissions and discharges. If possible, we recommend that you perform auditing at least 10 weeks prior to implementation and then for 8 or more weeks after implementation begins.

If our suggested auditing requirements are too onerous for your team you can decide on a different time period and frequency for auditing. The key is to ensure that you collect data on mobilization rates both before and during implementation.

The following resources will help you complete audits:

Track the impact of MOVE on your hospital performance metrics

Our decision support resource provides a list of metrics that you can collect for each patient audited during your MOVE project. Some hospitals retain these records at the organizational level while other hospitals retain them at regional or provincial levels. Talk to your hospital’s quality improvement department and/or decision support team to find out the best way to access this data.